Worth Studying

Tupac once said, “They don’t understand the black thing it’s going to stay black.” Tupac was an inspirational leader, he had the words and was a real thug rapper. He came from a crack addict mother, who was deeply involved in the Black Panthers. Young Tupac was a social activist.

Young Tupac wrote poetry about what he really cared about and sometimes it showed his two sides. Tupac faced many obstacles as a youth. He had a strong belief on thug life. High school students should study Tupac because he stood up for what he believed in not caring what others would tell him. Tupac’s poetry is interesting because it gives a window into his duality. Michael Eric Dyson states, “He presented an impressive poem that intelligently detailed his love for a girl.

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” In Holler If You Hear Me, Dyson is saying that Tupac wrote better, more interesting poetry than his peers. His classmates were writing Hallmark card poetry. I think Tupac’s a medorcuse poet, but this poetry gives us a window to his soul. His soul is dual and shows us his good and bad sides. High school students should study Tupac because even though he went through many obstacles as a youth he was successful.

According to the data set the author states, ” Tupac’s high school career was cut short by homelessness, his mother’s addiction…” An obstacle he faced was not being able to finish high school. His mother’s addiction and his homelessness got in the way of him getting education and finishing high school. Tupac is worth studying because we can learn about how we was a very important activist. All his energy and creativity was put into his organizations. His first organization was with ” Yo-No” Anti-gun violence. Tupac and his girlfriend at the time were deeply involved in this organization.

They both went out together door to door information people of the issues and letting them know about teen pregnancy and gun violence. Tupac even wrote raps for the organization rallies. He always spoke and always refused to be silent. Tupac inspired many teens at his time and still continue to inspire many. Tupac went through a lot and still was able to be successful. He also was an activist just like Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Gandhi and many others.

He was one just like who fought for what they strongly believe in. Tupac’s poems lets us know what he really cared about. I say high school students should study Tupac because he always spoke about what he believed was right.