Your Child's Wardrobe Could Be Affected!

School uniforms are a big subject in the press.

Uniforms are needed; children are bullied everyday because of their outfits. If we get uniforms some of the bullying could stop. Uniforms should be used in all schools. Uniforms are a benefit, because if children of the student are wearing uniforms then the bullying rate goes down. Since some schools have switched to school uniforms 76% of school crime has dropped. Attendance has also been recorded at an all time high.

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Uniforms are a great way to make children quit making fun of each other’s wardrobe. Nobody should really make fun of people if their wearing the exact same thing. With that uniforms are a great idea. The safer clothing choice would be, uniforms. Nobody would get beat up for the clothes they wear. There are also disadvantages to wearing uniforms though.

Uniforms don’t let people be creative about themselves. I express myself through my hair, and my clothes; even if we had to wear uniforms I would be okay with it, even though I can’t express myself thoroughly. People could also get into trouble if they don’t wear their uniforms to school, so that could cause some conflict. The other conflicts with uniforms are, messing with it, like ruining the purpose. Or not wearing it at all, just wearing regular “play” clothes.

I have been on both sides of the making-fun of, I myself have made fun of somebody for their clothing choice, and I haven’t heard it but I’m sure people have made fun of the way I dress before. Uniforms should be in all schools. Dr. Hifler says, some schools should have uniforms depending on the inviduality body.