8th Grade Fever

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. The clock goes round and round, time flying by. You’re surrounded by all your friends and the people that make you laugh until you feel like you’ve done the sit-up test in gym and tears are your eyes. As you talk and talk, you realize this academic year has been the best year of your life.

This is the normal class day for most 8th graders, if not all. I myself am in the middle of 8th grade, and I can surely tell you this has been the best year of my life. The laughs, the friendships, and the fun you will have doesn’t compare to anything in this world. As the school year begins, you get back to the school schedule, 12 PM turns into 6 AM and it goes down hill from there. Last year of J.H.

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, just study, keep your mouth shut, and role with the punches. As you get measured for cap and gown, this little thing called life kicks in. Junior high is going be long gone in a few months, and you’ll be called a freshman. Algebra will be in the past, geometry is the future. Language arts is the past, English is the future. All the classes become more advanced and you realize something-you’re growing up.

While you can, you absorb the laughs and smiles, the memories, everything 8th grade has to offer. Stronger friendships, new songs, new obsession and trends, the list goes on and on. It the most amazing feeling in the world. Then April and May come along..

. 8th grade trip, 8th grade graduation and graduation dance. It’s time to face the music- high school is closer than you think. Please, I cannot stress this out enough, take in the last months of junior high while they last! Life will change before your eyes, faster than you think. To conclude, 8th grade year will be the year. But as it comes to an end, and summer comes and goes, you’ll be in a new world called high school.8th grade is a great year, don’t let it slip out of your fingers.