A Book Without Words

Perspective is key. But its easy to lose your perspective in high school when everyone around you has different thoughts, cultures, and goals. I go to a diverse school, and if you were to walk through the doors, you’d hear multiple different languages coming from people across the world. High school is supposed to be a place to expand your knowledge, and ultimately find what you want to do with your life.

Yet you walk through the doors, and you seem to lose yourself. I’m so lost on who I am, and everyone seems to know who they are. I don’t play sports, I can’t sing or dance, I can’t act, and I don’t play an instrument. I go to school and watch everyone around me prosper their goals, so happy they found their talents. But the truth is I have no idea who I am. I have a name, but is that all that there is to me? Is having no identity, considered an identity? I’m a book without words and a tree without leaves.

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There may be many talents I have, that one day I may discover, but from now on all I really have is a name. But I’m on a journey to find who I am.