A letter about my future business

There are only two coffeehouses (Aroma Underground and Starbucks) in Florence, South Carolina and it has a single concert venue (Florence Civic Center). And though the concert venue is very popular and features famous acts, it is not a platform for local artists. But as a lover of indie music and South Carolina poets, I feel it is important to promote home grown talents.

Florence County has a few annual art festivals, but no music oriented small business that caters to the community. This is a fact that I hope to change by opening a coffeehouse that hosts live music played by regional performers. Once I receive my business permit from the Department of Revenue, I want to start creating a haven for college students and other potential customers by conveniently stationing it near South Coit Street and West Palmetto Street, between Florence Darlington Tech and Francis Marion University. The business would serve as a distraction from daily life at an affordable price and would be within walking distance. Crimson Daggers, as I call it, would be a joyful atmosphere with Monday-Thursdays being days that offer free Wi-Fi and art entertainment and the weekends being days that alcohol is served and live music is present.

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My partner and I each will handle fifty percent of the management and debt assumed by the start up. Since we have a general partnership, we would also share the expense of advertising. Florence already has festivals and events that promote the values that Crimson Daggers would represent; therefore, I feel it would be an effective tool to sponsor a few of these fairs. The Pee Dee Blues Bash, a four day affair, and Arts International at FMU are great examples of things we could contribute to. Aside from that, we have been negotiating contracts with South Carolina radio broadcasters to distribute free prizes and special offers to their listeners in hopes that this encourages them to visit our location. Television and radio will always continue to be reliable sources of advertising.

As long as they are, I fully intend to take advantage of them. Although all start up companies run the risk of failing and sending all its investors into debt, I am confident that my business plan will work. As an angel investor who finances an accomplished business, you would reap a profit and sustain a marketable reputation. But it is not to say that Crimson Daggers would just benefit you. It would also be a welcoming addition to the community as a whole.

It has the ability to be a viable source of income for myself and any potential employees. Furthermore, the coffeehouse’ spotlight on struggling and established artists would give them a platform to display their abilities where they had perhaps had none. Depending on the shops degree of achievement, I may begin offering internships to would-be entrepreneurs. Some would say that this is not a reasonable time to try to open a coffeehouse. But with the economic climate showing signs of recovery and students looking for inexpensive forms of entertainment, I would say that this is an excellent time. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, movie ticket sales are at record highs, crowded with people seeking to escape their day to day woes.

Why not take advantage of the public’s newfound need for cheap goods and services? Would not the establishment benefit the customers, employees, and investors if proven profitable? My business idea is not just about live music. Crimson Daggers would be a location that sells gourmet coffee and exotic treats on the weekdays. Despite a few carefully considered, stand out dishes, I do not intend to alienate any customer with alien goods. On the weekends, the menu would change with the events. Crimson Dagger would feature what southerners call “soul food” and serve alcohol. All alcoholic beverages would be well known products that customer are already familiar with and are less likely to hesitate when confronted with the option of buying it.

The goal of this unique coffeehouse is to provide a comfortable, eccentric environment for those who love and perform the arts. From the painted backdrops to the decor, I want everything to promote the company’s message. After all, Florence already has an art scene. Its participants and audience just has no small, nearby venues to flock to. Why not provide them with one? Surely, everyone should have a stage to display their work?