A Writer Is?

A writer is? How can a writer be just one thing? A writer can be thought of as a warrior. His pen his shield that is used to protect from harm while his words are his sword that is used to cut down his foes. His words can lead to the start of something such as a king being removed from power or his words can lead to a war that changes history. A writer is someone who has seen great changes and lived to tell the tale of it. A writer have seen great kingdoms come crashing down and heroes rise to glory and their fall from greatness.

They have witnessed the changes a person can through when handed great power. A writer is a person who is not afraid to speak out against anyone or anything that they do not agree with. They have not backed down from writing things that could get them killed or their families killed. They write what they think people to need to hear so that way people can change. Writers want their words to be heard and listened to because they want to know that they had impact in something they strongly believed in during their life. Writers can use their words for love.

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The writer will try to woe their love through poems and love songs. They want their love to know how much they care for them and how much they love them and the things they would do to protect them. But the writer does not always write about a happy love that is filled with joy and smiles and all the other things people think about love. The writer could always talk about a dark or evil love. The kind of love that can lead to self-destruction for the writer or the person the writer is talking about. With that kind of love the writer could lose their will to write and just fade away back into the mass of everyday people and lose their chance to stand out and become something more.

A writer can be an idealist looking and wanting to change the world with their ideas and words. The writer will write their ideas down to put them out in the open. In hope that will people will take to heart what they wrote and begin to follow their ideas. Writers like this want to feel like they have their mark on history. One example being Adolf Hitler as infamous as he was, he wrote a manifesto that were his ideas and words.

His manifesto changed how many Germans thought and believed. His words lead to the start of the some of the most infamous events in history. Many writers want an impact like that just in a different way and not leave a bad mark history like Hitler did. Throughout the pages of time and history, writers can be found. Without writers there would be no written history.

History would have been reduced to stories that were passed down family to family. So it is safe to assume that writers have left their mark on history and that will not change anytime soon.