Amazing Real Time Mobile Traffic Statistics Make Shock You

There are some things they won’t tell you at school. Hell, there are some things they won’t tell you even in the best universities, even those with a loud and super-famous name.

Guess why? Because some information is worth millions.

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In the vast and stormy sea of digital information, particular pieces of it can be a fundament to build up a successful international company. If everyone knew where to find it, life would be too easy, perhaps.

Here are some quick examples of what I’m talking about. According to the real time mobile data statistics service from Coupon Machine:

  • Nearly 4 million selfies are taken every hour worldwide.
  • Every hour 25 thousand Grabtaxi rides are ordered from mobile devices.
  • Samsung sells 4 million…
  • …while Apple sells 618 thousand smartphones every day.
  • 2 billion Instagram pictures are uploaded from mobile devices every month.
  • 22 million songs are downloaded from iTunes every day.
  • 96 new apps and games are submitted to the App Store.
  • 4 million terabytes – that’s the monthly global video traffic.

So, how can you make profit out of this information?

The answer might sound too simple, but in the modern era it has already become a universal principle of a successful business strategy.


That’s what all those facts mentioned above have in common – they’re all somehow connected with the mobile aspect of everyday life. Whether you take a selfie, order a taxi or watch a funny video, in the majority of cases you do that using your smartphone, right?

That means that your company or business must have a solid mobile presence. Adapt your websites and social pages so they’ll look pretty on mobile screens, implement mobile interaction and special mobile widgets, use mobile ads from time to time… In other words, shift your priorities from real-life advertisement and PC-oriented marketing into the global mobile field. Looking at the numbers and tendencies, it’s safe to say that’s one of the things you absolutely want to invest in.

But don’t take my word for it – go check yourself. Personally, I find the real time mobile data developed by Coupon Machine a real goldmine for this matter. Pretty and clean, it still illustrates the scale of mobile usage in a monumental way. Twitter and WhatsApp statistics, some email and SMS data, social media mobile usage – wow, that’s some massive amount of data to explore.

With the whole world getting more and more mobile, businesses just can’t stay out of the process.

At least those that want to achieve success.

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