Arrowhead Eats Away Lunch

When you hear the words “school lunch”, do you think of an amazing meal with great food or do you think of food that is so gross, it could come alive on your plate like some children horror movies have shown? Here at Arrowhead High School, lunch has gone from that amazing meal to the gross food that no one likes. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you probably don’t realize how much our lunch program has changed in the past few years. We have gone from everything to nothing.

I remember in eighth grade, when I looked forward to the lunches at AHS because they had so many choices. But now I am wishing we had the lunches I had at my grade school! My freshman year there were curly fries, hamburgers, pizza, which actually tasted good, chicken sandwiches, and soda! Now, the pizza has grease dripping off of the cheese like sweat, subs that while they are tasty and healthy, they get boring, and drinks like water and juice. I understand that soda may not be the healthiest for you, but drinks like water and juice are not a very good replacement. Even the salads, which you would think would be a good substitute for the terrible food, are not good! The lettuce looks old and doesn’t taste any better. Sophomore Danielle Chilson said, “I think they are gross! I wish they would have more choices.” Arrowhead changed their school lunch program because it was more cost friendly for the students and it was healthier.

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While it may be healthier, students should be able to choose what they want to eat for lunch. If they want something that is not as healthy one day and healthier the next, that should be their decision. Besides, when we are out of high school and off to the real world, we will need to be making those basic decisions everyday.