Necessary of Music and the Arts in Public Schools

Opportunities are everywhere.

Sometimes students just don’t know how or where to find them. An easy way to unveil a whole bunch of new and exciting opportunities is through public school arts and music programs.Schools everywhere today are losing their funding for programs of music and the arts. This, I believe, should be prevented at all costs. Music plays a very big part in kids’ and teens’ lives today.

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The arts provide them with a chance to express themselves. Both benefit them greatly by opening up new possibilities for their future.Kids’ lives these days practically revolve around music. I myself began playing piano in the third grade and violin in the fourth. Public school music programs such as orchestra, band, and chorus give kids a fun way to bond with each other while learning and broadening their horizons.

Kids these days need a chance to express themselves. The arts are a fun, stimulating way to do so. Whether it is art class, art club, or even drama club, each of these gives students a chance to be themselves, be free, and have fun.Both music and the arts programs in public schools are very beneficial. They open up new doors of opportunities and possibilities for the future.

They provide the students with something educational that is also fun. Music and the arts in public schools is, in my opinion, a very good thing.