Arts and Music in Schools

Persuasive Essay Some schools are getting rid of arts and music in public schools, thinking it will cut the cost, and that they can use the money for funding the math, English and science departments for new text books, experiment equipment, and field trips. Personally, I think that public schools shouldn’t cut arts and music, because it allows students to release their emotions into arts and music, improves grades, and can bond children and create friendships.

First, because music allows students to release their emotions into arts and music, they are less likely to be depressed, be more joyful, and it boosts self-esteem. The experience of pleasant emotions results in decreases in stress hormones, increases in anti aging hormones, and other benefits. People that tried releasing their emotions reported that they felt more centered, balanced, and less stressed. Secondly, having music improves school grades. Because of that, they will have a better future, have self-discipline, and will be more open minded. Having good grades also means that you will get into a good university, get a respected and well paying job, and many other benefits.

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Also, if they get good grades and get good jobs, the students could [and would] move us into the future (new technology, information, etc.). Lastly, because of music, students would bond and create friendships. That will boost moral support, help have a better health, and have a longer life. The health benefits of friendship include a longer, healthier life. Another health benefit of friendship is that when you have even one best or close friend, your attitude and ability to deal with stress and problems is greatly increased.

As part of their unique interaction, friends benefit one another in multiple ways. They listen, encourage, give advice, and “are there” for one another. Different friendships may have different characteristics. Friends provide comfort and companionship, laughter and honesty. A strong support network can also keep you motivated and energized. Now you can see the benefits of having arts and music in schools.

The benefits are excellent ways to a better life for students. From this essay, you have read that arts and music benefits students greatly, and that those benefits also help society. Arts and music is good for students, and all schools should allow students to be able to have at least one arts or music elective.