The legacy of a persons life, a million piece puzzle that joins every word you say and opinion about you maybe some bigger and more intricate than others, but in every puzzle there is that one section that you will find the most interesting. For some it is the action, for some the comedy, but for me it is the relationships both romantically and friendly. Im pretty sure at this age people arent interested in dating but some people are.(including me)I’m not going to tell you about the unspoken rules of dating becausethere some girls in this classroom and they have a different thought process, soooo maybe in another writing assignment; For now a story. Personalities are all different, some people find interests in things faster than others. There is nothing wrong with it, but sometimes the interest comes too late or early and people can’t relate to it so they end up criticizing.

When ur in that position you really feel hated so people try to hide it, but the people that are there with u know when ur trying to hide it. On the other hand some don’t hide it and accept it; I expect it and live a fairly good life, well most of the time. Once upon a recent time a person (who shall not be named) did the worst thing in a relationship you could do to another.It is when they the guy asks you out and the girl says yes, you go out on a few dates and you both had a good time, and suddenly she has moved on. I find it worse in my case because this was 3ed time we had gotten back together, but now I’m done with going out with girls and helping my bros out with their crushes. Although I know they are going to experience the same heart break i did a while back, but I still let them lead their own journey because I realized through my time around the block that its hard to change your mind when you like some one.

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I have nothing against dating but my only stance is that you don’t make people feel bad for you when she breaks up with you. (girls area totally different story but i dont want to talk about that so im not going to)Notice the “WHEN” she breaks up with you comment because it is very important, but if you don’t believe me go out and see for yourself what pain lies waiting for you. I won’t lie its fun having a girl under your arm and gaining that feeling of confidence, independence, and best of all maturity. Yet it is never worth the heart break in the end. I still don’t know all the ins and outs of girls or dating but I like to think I know more than the average kid about it.i love the dynamic of people and why it’s I find it so fun to study is that I live it everyday.

Sometimes when i’m having too much fun that I miss it, but I’m still a kid and I want to live my life without doing constant analyzation. So in conclusion; life live it to the fullest and have no regrets.