High School.

They have many departments in different kinds of warzones. Whether it is for tests or finals, sports, relationships, or home situations that affect school life. Maybe it can even go deeper than that. Someone might be pregnant!Each and every situation needs attention to it even if someone is going into a state of depression for some sensitive reason. Even if it’s a guy or girl, they all need that attention knowing that they have a voice and someone will listen and care that they are happy or sad. Some people may not seem like they are not affected by hurtful words or what the world may think of them, but everyone has a soft spot in them that may get hurt and will eventually fall apart.

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Each male and female are the same trying to get through high school and there is no different between them both because they can both finish strong and survive. This battlefield called high school is a place to learn the rights and wrongs, but everyone will graduated will one or more battle scars no matter if it’s little or big. Not everyone comes out of it alive just like the people fighting for our country in the battlefields in other countries. The people that do come out as survivors must appreciate that they are still fighting and are able to leave with an achievement on their shoulders and keeping their head held high. So high school is just another mission teenagers are on to accomplish and find who they are throughout the four years of fighting. Completeing this mission is the best one yet and the start of great lives ahead.