Better Food!

School lunch an issue in my school and many others.

They are replacing our favorites like french fries and tater tots with mandatory fruits and vegetables that don’t even look appetizing. In the years before we use to get six chicken nuggets and now we only get three is that fair? Making our serving sizes smaller is not a good idea. We’re growing kids! If we wanted “extra” food we have to take more money from our lunch accounts and our parents’ wallets. The worst part is it isn’t really extra it’s the same amount we use to get. They take our serving sizes and lowered them now they’re taking our favorite side dishes away! A majority of the kids hate the new side dishes on the menu. Spinach, sweet potatoes, and broccoli are some of the new side dishes.

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The food doesn’t even look good. It looks disgusting. Maybe if it was cooked better more kids would eat it and not just throw it away. The final issue is they way the food is cooked. Our broccoli is the color of throw up green, that’s just nasty! The cooks could try and prepare it differently by maybe putting some fresh cheese and spices on it! The cooks do not prepare the food well at all! We get less of a meal, new unappetizing side dishes that aren’t even prepared right, and some our our favorite menu items taken away.

This is not fair to the students who buy their lunch from the school! We miss our french fries and tater tots! Would you want to have something for so long and then just have it taken away?