Bottom to the Top

Tupac was a boy who struggled in life, but at the end grew up and went to the top by making music about on how he struggled and what happened in his life. The way he Tupac made it to the top or went to the top was from reading books and how he rapped about his life. Tupac moved out and started to make music at a girls apartment and this is when his career started. High school students should learn or study about Tupac so they can see how much he had suffered and how he made music when he didn’t really have money to buy the stuff to make music. Tupac learned how to rap good and talk about his life because he read books when he was a teen.

If he didn’t read books he wouldn’t be able to go to the top and have what he wanted or do what he would be doing now. Tupac was different from all the other people because he read books, learned how to rap, and made money by rapping about his life. Tupac will be a leader and make students go to school and finish school before going out and do stuff. People thinks that Tupac is just a “drug dealer” but he was an educated man who read books and made music and got fame and money. Poverty changed Tupac because he was bitter that he was poor and through Tupac’s lyrics people saw how much he suffered.

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Tupac made his lyrics very deep about his life and people saw how much pain he had and how much problems he had. Tupac used the work “n****” to bond around, a term that was historically used by whites to degrade blacks. White people used that word as a racists thing and to treat the blacks the opposite of them. Therefore, highschool students should study about Tupac because he was not just a drug dealer or a guy who raps because he really struggled in his life and his mother was a drug person. He loved his mother very much and when he started to make rap music about life he started to get fame and money.