Tupac in the Hood and Books

Who is tupac? Tupac was born in New York then moved to Baltimore went to school for professional arts then he started to rap in the studio making his first album Thug Life.tupac was on top of the charts,having a rapping life he was a person that didn’t care about things.Tupac is worth learning about because he is a legend and famous male black rapper artist. He is worth studying because Tupac before he started rapping he loved and read poetry,Tupac might have been a wild person but he had a side of loving and caring about education because school was a place for him to get away from violence and “The Gangsta Life” setting so he could read for poetry to help him and his music as well.

The books that he read for poetry was by Maya Angelou called “And Still I Rise” and another by Fox Butterfield called “All God’s Children”. Tupac had a hunger for reading throughout his career which we had his raps with great observations.We know Tupac had a passion for reading has it not only gave him inspiration to his songs but also helped his fellow rappers.He always loved poetry before he started his rap career.Tupac poet Only 4 the Righteous he quoted “Sex” “Only with my girl because i love her”,in that specific quote meant only have sex with someone you care and love the most and dont love tor give it up to somebody else. Tupac is worth reading and learning about to young teens because we can look back of his teenage years and how he struggled living in the ghetto and dealt with school.Yes he was wild and did violence but he always believed in life,education,and dreams these days are young teens that grew up in the hood and bad areas as well.Tupac spread out education is the way out.

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