Should our school continue to serve breakfast? That’s a question that might be floating around in the school board room. Now it seems like it’s getting hard to provide students with breakfast since the budget is so tight and some students eat breakfast at home. But there are those who don’t eat at home. Our school should continue to serve breakfast for those that don’t eat at home or don’t have time to eat at home. Some people think that our school should stop serving breakfast because not enough students are buying food so it is a waste. The school is making so much food for students who don’t even eat breakfast.

However our school should continue serving breakfast because not all students eat breakfast at home so they can eat it here. It’s easier then instead of running around in the morning trying to make sure your children are eating a nutritious meal. They’ll get a great breakfast and have time to hang out with friends before classes begin. There is a study that shows that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital found that students who ate School Breakfast reduced hyperactivity, decreased absence and tardy rates, and improved behavior.

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When students need to take achievement tests, schools strongly urge them to eat breakfast first on testing days. Why? Because we know that when students eat balanced meal, they perform better academically and are better able to concentrate. Yet on ‘normal’ days, many students fail to eat breakfast: they’re too busy, they’re too tired, they don’t know what to eat. (USDA) So if students aren’t eating breakfast how are they supposed to function properly during the day? Some people think that the school makes all that food but at the end of breakfast they end up throwing away quite a bit of food. Our school is losing more money on buying food then they are getting back by selling it. However there is a reasonable amount of students that do eat breakfast.

Even thou the school spends money on breakfast, they are providing food for those who don’t eat at there homes. I can see that the students really do appreciate that our school serves breakfast, whereas some schools don’t. Some people think that the food that is served isn’t really breakfast material. Chocolate candy and chocolate muffins aren’t a good serving of breakfast. They think that more fruits and nutrition should be added to the menu. However it is up to the students how they choose to spend their money.

So if they choose to spend it on chocolate then that’s fine. The school does provide healthy food in their menu. What is served at breakfast and what is bought shouldn’t concern people. Students don’t have to buy chocolate but they choose too. Students who eat healthy at school will only benefit from the good nutrition it provides if they eat it (USDA).

So over all we are lucky that we have a very generous school that takes time and money to provide us with a breakfast. So should are school continue serving breakfast? I think that since breakfast is the most important meal of the day that our school should continue serving breakfast. From what I can see I can tell that there are a lot of students that eat breakfast, myself included. I know I would be disappointed if they stop serving breakfast. I also appreciate that we do get proved with breakfast.

Breakfast? Thesis: Our school should continue serving breakfast. I. The cost of breakfast is too much. II. Not enough money is being well spent. III.

The food that is served isn’t really breakfast material. IV. Breakfast should still be continued to be served at school. ‘Breakfast and Nutrition’.2009.Breakfast First.

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