School Lunch and How it Makes You Feel

School lunch at most schools aren’t as great as they say it is says Brandon.Brandon says that when students go to lunch, many don’t eat because of how they are going to feel after they eat it.When teachers ask students how was there lunch many students say the the lunch is horrible and badly cooked.Sometimes you can see green inside the chicken patty sandwich.And worst of all many times after eating this food you do not feel well.

Many students after lunch want to go home and don’t pay attention in class.This can mean that it can lower their grade.Schools should also have a better choice of food and more than one fruit and vegetables.Also sometimes the food isn’t enough to make some students full.After lunch many students ask teachers and other people for a snack or something to eat because they need more food.

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People that are responsible for the food in the schools should take in consideration that many students are growing and need more food to sustain themselves. According to the national school lunch program they want that all students have a nutritional meal every school day. But according to 90% of all students in Whitcomb middle school they say that the lunches are very gross and makes them feel bad after they eat it. According to USDA they have to make significant nutrition improvements in school meals, as well as to improve the overall quality of the food sold at school. But after going to lunch many times the food haven’t improved and still doesn’t taste or look good.

Also many of the food served are undercooked and sometimes cold. So maybe we can all come together and help one another change the school lunches and show people what we eat everyday. Because sometimes there don’t care but I bet that if they ate the lunch everyday for school they would know what we are talking about. So let’s help one another speak up and not be shy, because we are what we eat.