Free School Lunch

In Delaware there is no such thing as a “free lunch” for students. I know every student cant afford to have lunch everyday out the year, but every student deserved to have the option to have a lunch if wanted.

No student should go a whole school day without food.Some parents cant afford to pay or there son or daughters lunch everyday due to having to pay for bills. Student that eat a good and balanced lunch and breakfast. I know that most students can afford to pay for school lunch, but what about the students parents that cant afford to pay for it. Some parents are not capable of affording all of this, especially if they have lots of children and do not work. Some families rely on services such as Centrelink to pay them, which is not much.

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I think that schools should give students free lunch. While an argument could be made that funds should be applied toward educational instruction, not food, the counterargument is that students need to be fed to ensure proper education. There are multiple studies that show kids who eat breakfast perform better at school. Surely, the same logic would carry over to lunch: students who aren’t nourished cannot focus on academics.In fact, the healthier the meals are served to kids, the better the kids do.

Schools that commit themselves to providing nutritious meals found that not only did grades and test scores improve, but behavioral problems decreased dramatically. If offering healthier meals can make that much of a difference, consider how much we’re hindering our students who are not eating lunch at all. Although most of the kids who go hungry throughout the day would technically qualify for a free or reduced lunch, getting that meal isn’t always so simple: parents aren’t always made aware of this option, essential paperwork doesn’t get filled out due to language barriers, and pride and embarrassment stops some from applying at allowing every kid a free lunch, many obstacles are erased. Without the structural failures and excuses, no student should have to go without a midday meal.

That goes for kids of all economic backgrounds, too. often many students forget his or her lunchbox or money at home. Theres is no such thing as free lunch I the world, but expectations should be made for students grades k-12, but I think that should change. A lot of students go hungry during the school hours and cant afford to get a lunch, that why the state of Delaware should give every student a free lunch.