Are All Victims Of Bullying And Today?

Bullying is a big issue today in our society. You may not be the one getting bullied but there is kids out there today that are getting bullied and its getting out of hand to the point where people are hurting themselves.

Last year in 2010 we always heard about kids getting bullied and how much they took that to affect on their lives. There were 160,000 kids that stayed away from school because of the bullying and the pain that doesn’t go away even when the tormenting stops. For example in October there was a girl and her boyfriend and she sent him bad pictures of herself and somehow these girls got a hold of it and sent it to kids from 6 different schools and the picture made this girl a target in her school and all the kids would go up to her in the middle of the hallway and call her “s***” and “skank” all because of the photo. Also last year there were two other bullying problems that were all over the news it was about these two boys who were gay and they got picked on so much about getting called “f**s” and “gay” and other mean words and they got so upset about it and got so depressed from it that they took a turn around and ended up committing suicide that day was a horrible one because there parents had no clue what was going on and what was happening to there sons.We need to stop bullying today! These kids today should be getting taught what bullying could do to someone. I don’t think these schools today are teaching these kids that bullying is bad because I am a 11th grader and to this day I still get bullied by kids that are younger then me and that are in grades below me.

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My story basically what happen was I brought in cupcakes for a class I had and I had extras and I brought them on the bus and this one girl started saying disgusting jokes about the frosting and I didn’t like it so I asked her to stop and ever since then she has been nothing but picking on me saying “snitches get stitches” and “I want to punch her in the face.” She isn’t the only girl there is about 4-5 girls that pick on me and one boy, him and his sister think that they are all big and tuff all because they came from a school where they use to get into fights all the time but really there not! What I don’t get and neither does my mother after I told her about all this is why are they picking on me if I never talk to them or hang out with them or anything I just don’t get it. I continued to take the bus after that but then it got worse they continued to say stuff like “they are going to hurt me till I am in the hospital” which isn’t right but when they started saying all that on the bus I got up and told the bus driver to let me off because I wasn’t staying on the bus with a bunch of 1 year olds. What they don’t know is that I got off the bus and ended up crying because they made me feel really bad like I wasn’t wanted around here at all. Ever since that day that I got off that bus I have never gotten back on the bus because like I told my mom, family, and friends I don’t need to feel depressed everyday on my way home from school.

I also didn’t want to take the bus because I was scared that they would end up coming after me because I told the vice principle about what happen because I couldn’t take it anymore.To this day I have not taken the bus I know we shouldn’t be running away from the bullies but its better this way so then I don’t end up feeling upset all the time. My advice to kids out there would be don’t be afraid to tell an adult if you’re getting bullied on by others because if you don’t tell anyone then that’s when bad things can happen.My other advice would be if you are getting bullied and you don’t want to tell an adult at least tell a friend so that they can help you out so that you don’t hurt yourself in any way I had to do that and they helped me and they also protected me whenever I was in the hall ways walking class to class.Dear PARENTS,We need to STOP bullying now! Before your kid gets bullied and something happens to them because once it happens there’s no turning back all you can do is try and stop it before others get hurt.

So let’s go and stop this now before more get hurt because of kids out there that don’t know how to be nice. Get involved because you don’t know how much you could be helping someone out by sticking up and fighting against bullies.Thank you for reading my article and I hope now that teens and even kids younger and even adults with now stick up for them self or at least tell someone if they are getting bullied because no one deserves to get bullied out there in this world.