Cannibalism: the ingestion of your own kind. It’s known as a disgrace and disturbance to modern day life. Imagine being stranded on an island with no food or water, would you go far enough to eat human flesh? Or would you rather starve and die within two weeks? Do you believe that desperate times call for desperate measures? Now the environment changed and there is not a desperate need for food, should cannibalism still be an option? Or is that looked down upon? Cannibalism has been around for thousands of years.

There are many different reasons for this oddity including lack of food, payback, and in many cases insanity. In one of the most famous cases, Jeffery Dahmer brought cannibalism to light in the late 1900’s. Jeffery Dahmeer killed, devoured, and dismembered 17 men of all races. Starting in 1978 at the age of 18, Jeffery Dahmer killed his first victim of many to come. He brutally murdered him smashed his bones, and ate his remains.

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Jeffery Dahmer continued this vicious cycle until November 28, 1994, when he was murdered by another inmate in jail. This of course was a more glamorized case; cannibalism has been a part of history since the beginning of time. In the past cannibalism was not looked upon as murder, but more as a re-born soul into the consumer. Ancient tribes would consume their dead relatives as a manner of respect to their soul. This is called endocannibalism. Another example of endocannibalism is Head Hunters.

Head Hunters are the most commonly known tribe, from the Halloween costumes, to the old tails, they are known for hunting monsters. Head Hunters often consume certain parts of a body to gain powers of the dead enemy. No major cases of cannibalism have evolved because of the issues of moral integrity. Cannibalism has always been around for generations and will continue to be a part of society for generations to come.