CHIC Case Study

Victorious development of health care delivery in hospitals simply not only depends on the improvements, other than also demands to establish strategies to support those improvements. Equally in the example, Intermediation Health Care (CHIC) began to implement protocols for clinical integration, some doctors and nurses opposed the alteration. Brent James, executive director of CHIC had gone through a difficult Journey to achieve the final destiny by achieving goals and created the opposing people testified by reading them the results of the modification in several years.

In spite of being the highly successful organization in the field of providing health services and health insurance; CHIC felt the necessity of new medical guidelines to assist the physicians in providing better services to patients and lowering the costs of action.

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The major aim of departmental managers was to improve quality and performance. In the beginning CHIC failed in getting support from all physicians and nurses. The main reasons were the improper distribution of salary structure and that Hessian’s focuses only to achieve patient care, while the business people focus on the finances of the organization.

CHIC provided business training to physicians to achieve better patient care and the organization made clinical conditions centered Nor processes, clinical services supporting processes, patient satisfaction processes and administration support processes as its primary concern which confirmed ‘liable for the CHIC and hold up the organization in developing serious integration strategies. The main role in the ‘He’s change management is the modification of the old structure into a new clinical procedure and superiority supportive structure.

The development of teams within the organization and providing benefits for the extra time spent finally motivates the physicians, nurses and team members to share and spend their expertise by working in the team for the sake of organization.

After seeing the outcomes, physicians begin accepting the use of novel structure which leads to the reduction of their work load, presented them with the number of answers for a difficulty or a problem and lifting up their benefits by bringing down he costs per patient.

The way chosen by CHIC changes and unite the working capabilities of all physicians, build a strong patient and physician centered system, Improves quality of process and boost the revenues. Different types of hospitals, Primary Health Care Centre, Community Health Care and other patient care based department have different ways to reach their goal. Financial insufficiency, ignored by management and differ in demands and expectations. Small organization took a lot of time to achieve its goal.

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