Student response to exam questions

Student response to specific homework assignment -Student team evaluations related to case studies and Capstone senior design -Instructor assessment of case study assignments -Instructor assessment of assigned student paper -Instructor assessment of capstone senior design projects Data collection occurs during the spring Unary – May) semester and last occurred during the Spring 2010 semester.

If all outcomes pass according to the department agreed upon metric, no collection will occur during the fall semester. 5. Results and Changes Implemented or Planned a. All outcomes passed during the Spring 2010 assessment cycle. According to our department assessment plan as detailed during the last ABET accreditation cycle; the next assessment cycle will occur during the Spring 2011 semester. No data was collected for the Fall 2010 semester.

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Use of results No specific curriculum changes have been made due to quantified assessment results. However, curriculum change will be forthcoming as we have observed the performance of capstone senior design student members and project results. It should be noted that a more traditional capstone senior design course was added as ore/required course in the department. The department has “partnered” with several different companies in the development of problems/pro]sects that sufficiently meet the culminating experience as required by ABET.

. Results Brought by the Changes Due to observations and overall performance of senior design capstone projects, a new course will be added to the current 26 nor core set tot courses. Undergraduate curriculum committee, which is the committee that evaluates outcome and assessment data, has approved adding a course which will focus on generalized problem solving and critical thinking. We are currently evaluating potential course resources for this class.

We anticipate gaining campus wide approval for the course effective for the Fall 2011 semester.

It should also be noted that our Academy of Engineering Management has been very supportive of our efforts and has contributed constituent input in this process. One final note to be made to this report is that even though we will perform a full outcome evaluation during the Spring 2011 semester, concurrently we will be re- valuating our outcomes/ performance criteria, and assessment methods.