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Art Therapy and Autsim

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. It affects one in eighty eight children. The term “autism” references “autism spectrum disorders” or ASD. These disorders affect the brain development of a person starting in early childhood (“Facts about Autism”).While ASD is the fastest growing developmental disability, there is no cure for it; however, there is research…

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Physician-assisted Suicide Issue

The subject of physician-assisted is one of the most controversial subjects in the modern world. There are questions as to whether this should obtain legal recognition or not. As per the current statistical figures, it stands that an overwhelming majority oppose the legitimization and public acceptance of this vital medical option. This is in spite of its sole purpose minimizing…

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Throughout all cultures and time periods, art is a constant. This demonstrated by the song Lili Marlene. Lili Marlene was originally written as a short poem. The German army, however, found it and played it on their radio station, which could be accessed in most of Europe. As a result, it became popular among both the Germans and their enemies…

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Introduction The world’s financial system has a complex structure that includes different institutions such as banks, insurance companies, stock and bond markets, as well as mutual funds. These institutions are regulated by the government. Financial system channels billions of money from savers to those who have productive investment opportunities. There are eight basic concepts, knowledge of which would help to…

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A Sinner, Yes, but Not All Bad

No man is good, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Therefore, John Proctor was not a good person; he was a sinner. Since no man is good, does mean that all men are bad? No, John Proctor was a sinner, and he did commit the horrendous act of adultery. However, John Proctor lived his…

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Physician Assisted Suicide

By definition, Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) means terminating one’s life willingly by use of a lethal substance. A physician may assist in this process either indirectly or directly. During this process, the physician prescribes certain medication to a competent patient with the prime aim of putting an end to patient’s life. (, 2004)The issue of Physician-Assisted Suicide is widely debated and…

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Thinking About the Future

“I should have furthered my education” is something I hear at many family gatherings from many relatives. Since they did not attend college, life is difficult for them at times. I refuse to struggle the same way when I have the opportunity to do something great. I feel life has equipped me to handle college by giving me a tremendous…

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Immigration Reform Slips Away

Immigration is a heated political issue, both at the dinner table and in the capital of the United States. Most people agree that the United States immigration system is outdated and needs to change. For undocumented immigrants, options are scarce because the delay for immigration reform continues. The Immigration Reform Bill (S.744) making its way through Congress provides a road…

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Physical Effects of Abortion

Abortion leads to death of mothers. This can be instant during the act, or at a later stage in life. Finland researcher in the year 2000 found that women who perform abortion have less chances of living in the following year than women who carry their children to birth ( The causes of deaths are natural, homicide, suicide, or accidents.…

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