Cell phones in School???

Should student be allowed to have cell phones in school? Well yes I do think that we should have cell phones in school. These are some reasons why students should be allowed to have cell phones in school because if there is an emergency, its educational and it helps student keep in contact wit there parents at all times .We shouldn’t band cell phones.

First, students should have cell phones in school in case there is an emergency at their school such as if there school was on fire and they need to parents the come and pick their child up from school. If the school had got out early and the students parents wasn’t informed about it or if their child needed a new clean pair of clothes. Next, the students cell phones are educational because they help the students solve math problems cause the cell phones have calculators in them even if the students are even stuck on a problem when they’re in their class. Students should take the fact that they at least have something that can help them even if they didn’t have calculators yet or if they weren’t invented yet. Finally, students that in or out of school should always have their cell phones on them so that they can keep in contact with there parents at all times of the day. However, if the student had an accident and he/she need a new pair of clothes because the student had spilled something on their outfit.

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My opponents may argue that cell phones can be a distraction. However, if we use them correct way then maybe they shouldn’t be a banded in school. There are some very good uses to have cell phones in school. Students use them in school cause there is an emergency, to keep them in contact, its educational sometimes. Tweak of the day, teachers or students should go to the school board and explain to them why we should have call phones in school.