Should Cell Phones be Aloud in School?

County Schools should consider letting students have their cell phones out in between classes and before school starts. Wouldn’t you want to have your cell phones out at school without getting your phone taken away or getting a writeup? Well, I think it is not right if your phone falls out of your pocket and a teacher takes it if it is not even on, or even if it’s on then if you weren’t texting then you shouldn’t get it sent to the office to have a parent come and get it.

Some parents believe that they should be able to get a hold of their kids in an emergency to see if their kids are okay. But many adults that work at a school will say that parents can call into the office to talk to their children. But if there was a lock down or a fire, parents can’t get a hold of the school to talk to their children because they will either be outside of the building or hiding in a classroom. Parents want to know when their children arrive at school and when they leave school to make sure they know where they are at all times. Some parents think that their parenting should not be judged by schools.

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Kids will be occupied at lunch and in homeroom class if they get to use their cell phones. Most kids don’t have anything to do in homeroom so they sit their and get yelled at by the teacher. They won’t get in any trouble because they will be occupied. I strongly think that this will help County Schools because if there is a emergency and you need help, you can get it. It will also help keep kids occupied instead of getting into so many fights. This is why I think County Schools should consider letting kids have their phones out in between passing periods.