Change The School Lunch!!!!!!

“Ewwww,” says mainly every student looking at their school lunch. “It does not look so pleasant either,” says their friend. But it’s always someone who disagrees with them and actually likes the school lunch. Well if you’re that one person I want you to think like you’re the people who does not like the school lunch. They think it should be better and I do too. I want you to read this and put yourself in our shoe’s.

I believe that school lunch should be better because it affects students behavior, it causes students to gain weight, and students need to eat to make it through the school day. One reason why school lunch should be better, is because the food the have is affecting students behavior. When students get hungry, they get cranky because they did not eat and they are hungry. For example i know if i’m hungry and haven’t eaten all day i would start to get angry at everybody and get angry about anything. Also, sometimes when students let all of their emotions out they start to get sleepy and fall asleep during class. I have seen it before.

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For instance, my friend Shaniah never eats school lunch and for a while she be a little bit angry then she starts to get tired and falls asleep during math class. Then she always end up getting in trouble. Another reason why school lunch should be better, is because school food can cause students to gain weight. They tend to gain weight because when they know that they won’t like the schools food they go to the store and buy some snacks that aren’t good for them. Like my cousin keyana.

I walked to school with her everyday and she would always go to the store in the morning. I told her that it wasn’t good for her and she was going to get fat. But she said “I’m sick of being hungry.” so I just let her do what she wanted to. But one day she will listen to me. Also, students might have had a good dinner the night before and think they would rather eat that for lunch.

Most of the time, the food that they bring is unhealthy and has a lot of fat in it and it cause them to gain weight. I’m not going to lie I brought some chicken one time. But not anymore. So, one day I asked my friends what they thought about the school lunch and we all noticed that we believe the same thing and that is that we need food to make it through a school day. We, as students, have hard classwork and no one can focus on an empty stomach. I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch at school and everyone was silently reading, then all of a sudden my stomach started to growl out of no where.

Everyone looked at me. To add on to that I couldn’t even read my book because my stomach was bothering me. If you don’t eat, and you’re working, you would start to feel weak and don’t want to do anything. Some students (like my friends and I ) might think it’s because we’re being lazy but it’s actually because we don’t have any energy or protein in our body. I get it, you want your way and want to get everything that you ask for but I just want you, for this one time, to think about your peers. Think about their feelings,then make your decision.

If I can do it you can too.