Lunch time

Lunch time! So I guess people think that we are used to eating lunch around other people we sometimes don’t even know…NOPE! We feel so awkward eating with people looking at you (at least that’s how I feel) and then the worst thing that can happen is not having any of your friends there.(No this has not happened to me im cool I have friends…Just kidding). What do you do in that case post on Facebook, “Does anybody have C lunch? Or whatever lunch you have” and tThen whoever likes your statues you start talking to them just so you can sit with them.

The only awkward thing about that is not know them very well and whenever you take a bite of your food you feel like you have stuff around your mouth and then they look at you like you don’t know how to eat. Now there’s nothing wrong with eating alone but people look at you like you’re a strange animal and it makes you want to run as fast as a cheetah out of the cafeteria and go hide in the bathroom (this has never happen to me but I can imagine). I don’t get why people who sit alone just don’t sit with other people who sit alone MAKE NEW FRIENDS start a conversation like this You: Hello are you sitting alone do you need company? Let’s name this random person sitting alone Ferris Wheeler…Why I picked this name? I don’t know makes everything better. Ferris Wheeler: Yes I do sit here You: alright There you go you made a new friend you won’t be a loner anymore. You feel like everybody is starring at you and then the lunch lines are so long you have to fight to get in the line like you’re going to get a prize but in reality you are just getting lunch .

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Then the food is so nasty every day is the same thing I think they get better food in jail but nothing is weirder than being in a class where almost everybody is a senior and they graduate then there’s only 11 people left and 3 of them don’t even show up so you can hear yourself thinking and you can hear people singing next door. Ttalk about being lonely! This essay isn’t even funny but hey at least I tried. YAY! Well thinking about lunch I’m getting hungry now (wish I was a junior so I can go eat some good food) not that gross stuff from the cafeteria. Oh and it’s so expensive to get a bag of chips 1.00…WHY? youYou can get those bags at any store for a 1.00 you get 2.

This school is crazy!