A Good College

Most people when they hear someone say “I want to go to a good college” they assume, “oh he must be really smart and have high hopes for the future”.

I guess people could say that for me, but not for the typical reasons of wanting to go to a decent college. I’ll explain.The biggest reason I want to go to a good college is for the educational opportunities I wouldn’t get after college unless I take extra schooling. The academic skills I will need to meet my final goal in life is supported by a good college. A nice college allows me to do so much more in life than I could do if I didn’t have a college degree from a prestigious college.

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Going to Harvard or another high end college is much better than going to the University of Minnesota. I want a good college, no, I want the best college. Mainly for the great job I will get with my degree.Once I have my degree from the college of choice, I will get a great job with at least a six-figure salary.

Once I have this job, I will work until I have made enough money, because I have always wanted to retire to the Bahamas with my hot wife once I’m retired at a fairly young age. I might still work if I really enjoy it so I can continue making fat stacks of money, but I always wanted a relaxed life, and a good college is the base for the life I so wish to have.After I retire at a nice kind of young age and I move to the Bahamas with my beautiful wife, I’ll spend my days doing whatever I want, going on vacations, taking fancy trips, eating fancy foods, and meeting fancy people. I won’t have too huge of a house, because, they say that modesty is the best policy. My humble home, and great life is all I need in life to live the way I want.So I guess anyone may be right to say that my hopes are fairly typical for someone my age, but for someone who wants to go a good college.

It isn’t all that typical. I just want a nice happy life, where I don’t have to do anything, or listen to anyone, and that all comes from my goal for the future, a good college.