why do i want to go to college

why do you want to go to college? One of the main reasons why I want to go to college is because betters your future job opportunities. Get a better chance to succeed in life and get better job that pays you more, they can help it also increase your knowledge. There are many options of jobs you can choose from the list is endless parties to make it down to one job and have always wanted to be an OB-GYN. I have wanted doctors and but it wasn’t until recently I discovered what type of Dr. I’m really wanted to be.

But most of them to college to help people to bring doctors. There are many “what’s most smart school and college. The United States we have the opportunity to go and so i feel that i should take that opportunity and not waste it.Another improtant reason is because employers like to hire employees who have a higher education and since the competetion is huge we have to improve our chance of getting a job with a higher education. One downside to going to college is that you have to pay to go which is a lot of money,but there a lot of diffrent options out there for financial help so its not really a down side we jst have to look at it as an investment. so i want to go to college because i get to fulfill my life dream to become a doctor.

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