Con our school system

America is at the bottom of the education system. We have tested in the bottom 5 for every subject. The only thing we are ranked highest in..

…confidence. We shouldn’t have much of that since we are supposed to be a leader in the world.

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To understand the terms of this, China ranks in the top 3 of every single subject. The ranking are usually any where from 50-150 countries. In order to compete with countries like China we need to have a choice. The choice to go to school, the choice to choose the subjects we want to learn. Not be told everything we have to do and it be a law to do it. We need to have a choice.

China has been kicking our butt in testing for many years. Why? Because when a child is born in China they are set up for success. To begin they are entered in a kindergarden setting when we would be starting preschool. This already gives them a head start. This is also where their future is decided.

They test their ability in all fields to see the child’s strengths so that when they turn 18 they have already been put in advanced areas of their subject. Then, once determined, they are placed somewhere where they would work on their profession until they are 18 and start a job. The thing about this is that they don’t take the same tests as we do. Their math specialists only take the math tests and their science specialists only take the science tests where as we take all of them. We go to school and bore ourselves over every single stupid subject, except one or two that may keep our attention for a little over a minute. This is why we should be able to choose our route and stay on that path to success.

In a study it was proven that the less interesting a subject is to a student the less likely that student is to show up to that class. So, what this means is that a student isn’t wanting to learn a boring subject that the student feels will not help him or her in a future job title. Even if that title is flipping burgers. We need better burger flippers. The next bit of information I would like to bring up is that in a boring class even when a kid is there that kid will pick up 15% less than a kid who is interested in the subject.

To relate, thats like missing 15 problems on a 100 point test. Thats only a C and thats not even bringing into consideration other things you may be confused or stuck on. We should have a choice to go to school. It shouldn’t be illegal to not go. Just because we are very low ranking right now doesn’t mean we cannot claw our way to the top, but we need a plan of action. Here’s the plan of action.

In order to get kids interested in learning don’t make kids take all 4 core classes. Have them take a minimum of two. Where this might seem like a bad idea is what if they like all the classes? Then, enroll in all four. You should have the option to do what you please. And if you do not have an interest in any subjects then there should be a new program for students to drop out of high school and are required to have what I would like to describe as decomposer jobs such as garbage man, burger flipper, bus driver, and janitors, etc.

You would also have to have shelter to live in that is not your parents. And you would have a monitor in order for somebody to see your progress. If there is no progress you will be taken to jail and it will be a sentence of some sort. If you don’t want to go to school you shouldn’t have to. We should be able to learn what we want not what the government says we should. This is the plan of action in order to make the test scores increase.

It is a plan that would require time, and of course money. This is something that should really be considered for the well being of this country. It will get America back on top. It is the future of our education system.