Cubes to Crafts

Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the world, counting over 18 million downloads and over 7000 downloads per day. It started as “Cave Game Test” when it was initially shown to the public by Markus Persson (aka Notch). It was very simple and unfinished.

The game we now know as Minecraft began to take shape in the classic 0.24 version. It was quite far from 1.8.3 we know today, having only just taking on the most basic functions.

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The first mobs were added in 0.24_02, being a very badly glitched Zombie and Skeleton. The first functioning mobs were the pig and Creeper (0.24_05 and 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST, respectively). The ever famous creative mode was added in 0.

28, which is the most famous mode used today for mapmakers. The true likeness to Minecraft was formed during the Indev through Alpha. The most famous updates are in the official releases. They are,in chronological order, the “Pretty Scary Update”(not very scary), “Redstone Update”(which most people can’t use), “Horse Update”(which nobody uses), “The Update that Changed the World”(fat chance), and most recently, “Bountiful Update”(not very much added). Some of these updates have made classes of people from the unknowns, such as SethBling (redstone), and FyreUK(creative mode). Many things have been changed or suggested in Minecraft since it’s initial start.

Jens Bergensten(aka Jeb), said he might try to code pandas into Minecraft. When the people suggested dragons, Dinnerbone added the now infamous Ender Dragon, and he also planned adding red dragons. (Like that would ever happen.) Dinnerbone says he has an ultimate plan to change the game forever.(Which notch will VERY likely permit..

.NOT!) They also used to have a horse saddle, which was removed. Minecraft began to expand into different platforms, now spanning Raspberry Pi, Xbox, PS3, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Surprisingly, there are a few features in MCPE that are not available in the normal version. Nether Reactor Cores and beetroots are a few of those items.

Even after Mojang was purchased by Microsoft, the Dev team is still working on Minecraft to update it. 14 bugs were fixed in the latest update, and in October, there were over 20 fixes. There are rumors of a 1.9 update coming soon.(What can they add? Some homing bird or what?) MineCon is one of the most famous parts in the Minecraft world.

Every year except 2014, there has been a MineCon since 2010. There is a costume contest, panels where people show off their ideas, and creations. Anybody who attends will get a free cape. Many famous YouTubers attend MineCon each year. TDM attended the 2013 MineCon, as well as SethBling, SkyDoesMinecraft and IHasCupQuake.

The Minecraft fan base has even been used in schools to a good extent. On Mojang’s home page, a picture is shown that says “What My Kid Can Do in 30 Minutes in Minecraft vs. 30 Minutes in the Real World”. Minecraft is being used in schools to teach students about archaeology, and as a form of art. Surprisingly, this has encountered little resistance from parents and the parents of these children, rather, they support using this in school.