A girl on her phone scrolling down her newsfeed on Facebook, and in an instant it begins to blow up with messages and calls. “Hey did you see what they posted about you?!” “She’s so stupid!” “So ugly!” That girl was very sad maybe even depressed, but her real friends came through at the end. “We love you!” “Confront those girls!” “You are better than what they say you are!” And after that night she was unbreakable. Students all over the world have been bullied and one student that I last interviewed has been cyber bullied. She was very brave and proud of how she took a stand and confronted the bullies.

And she always told herself. “I knew that at the end of everyday I only had myself to count on.” Any regular person whether it is a girl or a boy of any age will often gey cyber bullied. 43% of kids have been bullied and 1 in 4 has had it happen at least more than once. Cyberbullies can be behind a computer screen, on any social network.

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Whether it’d be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, kids still get bullied online. And one person I interviewed said, “Instead of hiding behind a computer screen acting like a total coward. be real and tell them what you dislike about them. If not forever hold your peace.” And I find this very interesting and powerful for a person who’s been bullied online.

Now that we have cell phones, 80% say it is easier to say something despicable through a text message rather than in person. It is also known that 81% of teens think that it is to get away with cyberbullying than to bully someone in face to face. A person that is bullied can feel alone and isolated also, making them feel weak – even powerless. Kids even feel ashamed of their own actions when they’ve done nothing wrong. Also, when I interviewed Ethan D. a student here at our school he told me, “I wouldn’t trust the cyberbully after what he/she did to an innocent person.

” And I know lots of people would agree. I myself would want to make a change. I want anyone and everyone that has been bullied/cyberbullied to be strong and courageous. Ignore the hatred, take a stand and not be a victim but to be the bigger person – the hero. Be proud to be who you really are and not give a care in the world.

I want YOU! to be like Rosa Parks, be brave, be proud, and take a stand for yourself. And as Rosa Parks once said, “Stand for something or you will fall for anything. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”