Declassified High School Survival Guide

*your results may vary* As a freshman, I was terrified of high school. I heard of all of the rumors and stories, and I had more questions than I’m proud to admit. So, when Mrs. Lago gave us a writing assignment, I decided to help the underclassmen with my junior knowledge. In fact, I still follow these rules today. There are 10 rules to surviving high school which all teens should know.

Some are less known than others, and some are obvious. I’m here to enlighten all of you today. These are the 10 rules to survive high school. 1) NEVER ever do your homework. The less homework you do, the better. If you get all F’s on your report card, that mean’s you are a Fantastic student vs.

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an Awful student. 2) No matter what you do, do not make friends. Friends are just too much work to keep around. They’ll eat your food, watch your Netflix, and will ask you to hang out all the time. They are sooo clingy.

They interfere with you not doing your homework. 3) Disrespect your teachers. Forget what people say about having a “good relationship” or “becoming friends” with your teachers. Its all a myth. Don’t be their friend. Talk back to them in class, don’t listen, be a nuisance in class, get sent down to the principles.

.. the whole 9 yards. 4) Argue with your parents all the time. Once you turn 14, something clicks in your parents mind and they stop trusting you.

Its a fact. No one knows what happens between you guys, it just happens out of the blue. They’ll search through your room and question what you’re doing every day. What are you doing? Where are you going?How long will you be gone? Who will you be with? Is there going to be “bad influences” wherever you’re going? Do you HAVE to breathe so loudly? 5)Don’t bring any supplies to school. It helps with rule #2.

The more you ask for stuff, the less people will like you. Guaranteed. Also, no supplies= bad grades. 6)Party everyday. This one is kind of self-explanatory.

No sleep, bad choices, blasting music..sounds like a great life. 7) If you’re a senior, turn in your all of your college applications at the very last minute, or not at all. Pfff who needs college? Working at Mcdonalds for the rest of your life seems like a good gig.

8) If you’re a girl, date every guy in the school or if you’re a boy, date every girl. Emotions are for babies. You won’t hurt your girl/boyfriend by breaking up with them and then the next day be in a “really serious” relationship with someone else. They won’t mind one bit. 9) Treat High School Musical like its your religion.

This portrays exactly how high school is. When something bad happens to one of the popular kids, we will all break out in song and dance to express our feelings. 10) Be yourself. Of course no one will judge you. Nah, if you dye your hair bright pink, or wear 12 inch stilettos to school, not a single person with talk negatively about it.

People don’t judge you in high school.