Destiny will happen… someday. You have to work hard for it. Destiny doesn’t just happen.

You must go to college work hard and do it all right the first time. Don’t slack off, don’t procrastinate. And most of all ‘don’t fail’!!!!!!! If you want your destiny to happen. Then you have to stay in focus. If you get out of focus just 1 time … you could ruin your whole destiny. It’s not a good thing to ruin your destiny.

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Your destiny is what you’re meant to do. Like you never no what will happen. Your destiny could be to draw, or to Wright, or become a teacher. Just try hard and pass because if you don’t then your destiny could be completely ruined! School is important and we need it. Even though you may not like it is still a needed thing in your life.

To design video games maybe that is your destiny… orrr maybe it’s not, but no matter what. School helps that because you need to know math to build video games. And that proves that you have to work hard to get your destiny!