Do You Ever?

Do you ever think the way I do? Wondering if this is the last breathe you ever take? Do you ever wonder if your a BAD person and no one else is?Technically we all are in our own little special ways. Do you ever wonder if people judge the way you act?”Sit up or don’t slouch!” Do you ever throw a fit because you know that, that one action could ruin your whole dream. Do you ever wonder why you cry and breathe and then let it fly? Do you ever scream or just scream on the inside because you know that you can never go back in time and change that one action. That one mistake.

All you had to do was wonder. Do you ever want to fly high and touch the sky or fly low and touch your toes? Do you ever want that one friend to kiss you goodbye and always say hi? Do you ever have strange thoughts and how they would be if they were real? Do you ever wonder why your even here? BIg bang yeah….

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sure. Wonder.Wonder why sometimes you have pitiful thoughts. Wonder why you even thought them. Do you ever want to love a guy? Do you ever want to wish you were like others among others or do you just think about yourself? Wonder why there aren’t other worlds around us. Wonder why that one moment happened.

Observe the ones around you. Wonder why do you ever want that one action to take place. Wonder why you hurt that person in the first place. Do you ever just think? Think about the world around us. Just think.Do you ever wonder if you will be okay? Do you ever wish that this disease will just go away? Or do you wish you were loved by the people surrounding you.

Take a moment to wonder,wish and be spellbound with all of your hopes and dreams.Take a moment to wonder.. Do I ever want my life to go to shambles. Or do I ever want my life to take sail and have many open door? Your choice.

Eventually people mistakenly take wondering as reality. It’s not.It’s what takes place in reality that makes it reality.Do you ever just wonder? Deal with the reality of life. Accept the borders in which can block you.

Do you ever just live your life to its fullest? Live like there will be no tomorrow? Do you ever fight back the struggles of life itself? Look at the issue at a different angle. Do you ever love the ones who have hurt you? Kill them with kindness.Do you ever wonder why revenge never works? Revenge is like a endless cyclone going down to oblivion.Or an endless swing going back and forth.Until you have lost everything but yourself.

Do you ever wonder why there are no aliens? Have you ever just sat in silence? Silence is like death awaiting you in his stronghold. Silence is a virtue. Have you ever stolen something and cried because it was your best friend? Have you ever been rude or mean or snobbish to anybody because they are having a way better live than you? Have you ever wondered what people are thinking. Have you wondered why people just lost their own lives? Due to someone else’s words. Snickers behind closed doors.

Words can kill people. Do you ever wonder why people say “Actions speak louder than words?”. “Show me don’t tell me.” Once someone says i’m sorry after the billionth time. Do you ever wonder if you will pass or fail? Pass you get a new car fail you will go into the dungeons. Do you ever wonder why these quotes, Live life to the fullest.

Don’t let people’s words get to your soft point. Stand up for what is right, never get to some people?Do you ever wonder why no one cares what you think? Wonder about life. There are a lot of things that you missed. Yet look back, it’s gone. Do you ever wonder why?