Does Dress Code Prevent Certain Events

Proven by many researchers that went on about the dress code topic when they first became popular was bullying or something of the sort. These dress codes were first established to make the school or club look more fancy and something you most likely didn’t know that these were also made to keep away sexual harassment from children from all kinds of ages. Most kids at school get made fun of at least once or twice in their life because of the way they dress, act or look, and that is a great reason to have a dress code, then no one can judge because they are all wearing the same thing. If I or anyone were able to create their own dress code I would allow them too, and there’s a reason behind that.

Students and Citizens of the United States are able to express themselves in any way they choose, quoted from the First amendment. Now there is some things that aren’t just allowed to be worn in any public place that has a group “Dress Code”. There is a lot of people out there from wearing their own clothes and really those people shouldn’t care what others think about them, especially if you like what you’re wearing. Now Dress codes will and do protect girls and guys from being sexually harassed in any way, but if the school or group is giving you a right to wear whatever you want, remeber to a certain extent, it is your choice whether you want to wear something that shows more than regular or something that confines yourself into a big pile of clothes. Dress codes infact do protect people from harm in the outside world, whether it’s physical or verbal.

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At the end, I still do think people should wear what they want at school expressing themselves how ever they feel like, there needs to be a limit but I don’t think it needs to be as strict as it is now days. If a kids gets bullied it’s their choice to wear something else or just say confident on what they are wearing at the moment. Either way it is still the kids choice on what to do and whatever they choose it’s their choice of their personality.