Dress For Success

The year is 2015. Location is a public high school. In this public high school, there is such thing called a dress code.

The dress code is enforced to protect the students and the teachers at the school as well as to support the idea of dressing for success. Administrators and teachers are suppose to set the example of dressing for success, but how are they suppose to do so if some of them look unpolished themselves? It doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but I thought I could get a better understanding of it, so I decided to ask someone who seems to know a little about being a teacher as well as fashion, Mr. Johnson. When asked about his opinion on how the teachers dressed now-a-days, he gave a great amount of answers. He made it known that he thinks most teachers dress for comfort rather than success.

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I too noticed this. While interviewing him, we both discussed the fact that teachers also have dress codes to follow. Mr. Johnson also brought up the idea that some teachers do dress for success, but in a way that depicts their job. Examples of this is biology teachers dressing in a way that a doctor, journalism teachers dressing in a way that a news anchor might, and coaches dressing as coaches. Mr.

Johnson also feel that the women teachers have leadway in dress the part of being a teacher. This is something I too agree with and can understand, but the male teachers still shouldn’t slack. Now that you have heard some ideas from a fellow teacher of ours, you can make your own decision. Do these teacher dress for success? You be the judge.