Essay on Educator of the Year Contest: Andrea Ewell

Educator of the Year Contest: Andrea EwellAndrea Ewell has been many things to me in my life. From family friend, to coach and even to teacher. She has been there with me through many different life experiences and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her.Today, Andrea is a 7th grade science teacher at Smith Middle School in Cleburne, Texas, and she is also the single mother of two amazing little girls, Antares and Skye. I was probably only a month or two old when I first met Andrea, and from a very young age her younger sister, Trisha, baby-sat my siblings and me.

Then as I got older, I got to know Andrea more and more.Since our families were very close it was very exciting for me when I found out that Andrea would be my Upwards (Christian based sports organization) Cheer Coach. During that handful of months she coached me, I learned many things that I still use today as a Cleburne High School Cheerleader. Including, always stretching before you cheer, being sharp on all of my movements, and smiling twenty-four-seven to name a few. These may be very small and minimal points in other people’s eyes, but to me, they help me cheer to my full potential.When I was in 7th grade, my best friend, Kendall, and I decided that we wanted to help coach an Upward Cheerleading Squad, so we served as assistant coaches under Andrea.

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We had a squad of 1st and 2nd grade girls who were filled with energy and at that time Andrea had to teach me patience and love for young children and all their crazy ways they act. All three of us had so much fun that year, we decided to Coach again the following year.Not only did Andrea give up her spare time to coach a Christian based cheer squad, she also was the director of many Vacation Bible Schools (or VBS’) at our church. This is never an easy task, but if you saw how much our church decorates and how many children attend our VBS, (which is usually 200+ children), you would be amazed. She not only got all of the big group lessons together, but she also led the children in the song and dance portion of the day.

In 7th grade Andrea was also my science teacher, and although 7th graders don’t learn very much “new curriculum”, Andrea definitely influenced me even more in my dream to be a large animal veterinarian. One major problem that I struggled with as her student, was actually calling her “Mrs. Ewell.” Throughout my life up to that point she had always been “Andrea” to me. I may have slipped up a few times, but she never got too mad…I don’t think…(haha).To this day Andrea is a great friend and I feel like I could tell her anything.

Her daughters are so amazing and bright just like her, and I would do anything for that family. I believe that Andrea Ewell would be a wonderful teacher of the year, due not only to her amazing teaching in school, but also in life.