From thick computers, to thin laptops; technology is still developing. Technology has reached schools all over the world. In many ways technology has helped students understand the subjects and classes better. We interviewed Mr.Ortiz from MacArthur 9th grade school.

After being asked if technology is an important source to students in all schools, he replied with, “Yes, because it’s a helpful resource. You can collaborate without being in the same room.” He also stated, “The district should have an individual chromebook that students receive at the beginning of the year and return at the end of the year, similar to the way a student checks out books.”We also asked Mr.Ortiz,how has technology developed from when you were a kid.

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He quoted, “It went from black and green screens to skinny tablets and laptops. Everything is faster now. I don’t even need a computer; I use my phone most of the time.” The students now have the easy way out. They just type up a paper and print it out. But back then, people had to write only by hand.

They didn’t have auto correct to help their grammar. Students can now use the computers and devices to do research projects instead of looking for the right book and taking hours to find certain information that they may need. Mr.Ortiz agrees that technology should be a part of school because it shows how to be responsible and organized.It’s better if students use the technology now so they can have more experience in future careers that may require technology. Also if you use technology, it’ll be easier to turn in assignments to the teacher without having an excuse.

But sometimes technology isn’t always the right answer. Some students take advantage of the technology the school have provided for them. They go on websites they aren’t suppose to be on and they cheat on assignments so they don’t even learn the lessons the teacher is teaching them. Some students even vandalise the chromebooks and computers. Not all students should be allowed to have the privilege to use the devices the school gives us.

Schools need technology to work better and faster. Without the use of technology we would not be able to get much work done at the schools that we are in. Teachers would be less organized than they are now. Education is taught through technology.