Ethics Study Guide

Employee can have a conflict of Interest even If he/she – doesn’t act tp te detriment of the employer(pg. 540) 8.

What is a kick back? -a bribe 9. When faced with a moral decision, should follow the 2 step procedure of Identlfylng members In It , organization (Chp 10) 10. Kant said respecting people- never means to an end 11. In a workplace Innuendo, occasional, and isolated remark Is It consider sexual harassment? – NO Is that Inevitably constitute harassment- need evidence, proof 12. Marxism-capitalism and property ” leads to concentration on properties(pg 175) 13.

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What Is due care consumer and sellers are not consider as equals 14. To properly protect consumers, it a product poses a threat a company needs protect themselves? 15. According to common law, to legally terminate an employee, employer does not have to have a valid reason- AT WILL 16. Hiring and Employment process: (pg. 417) – legally can hire and terminate anyone they want 17. 4 types of discharge firing employee: firing, terminations, layoff, and position elimination 18 Examples of 4 cause: theft, gross, Insubordination, release of proprietary information 19.

Traditional law of agency- obliges employee to be loyal to the company 20. Fair policy and decisions – are clear and Job related and applied equally 21 . Whistle-blowing is what- exposing activates that are illegal or Immoral , harmful and contrary to public interest(pg. 555) 22. When an employees Interest likely to 23. Legally protecting trade secrets- why? (545)- 1 .

intellectual property of the company, 2. theft of trade secrets Is unfair compeutlon, 3. employees who disclose trade secrets violate the confidentiality owed to their employers 24 In morality giving nd receiving gift, what factor is most relevant?

The purpose of the gft 25. A trade secret can become what? A trade secret Is a part of a competitive advantage belonging to employee competition 26. According to the Supreme court, if you participate in insider trading, you can go to jail, when you buy or sell confidential Information 27.

conflicts ot Interest occur when employees ( 28. What quality is more important in who gets fired- RACE 29. The law treats sexual harassment as a form of. Sexual comments that a women appreciates, may be inappropriate, who decides when the ehavior is inappropriate?

The person offended 31 _ An example of sexual harassment- dirty jokes, touching, can be female to male also 32. Advocates of 33.

A plausible argument for affirmative action-favors minorities and women 34. Against affirmative action- biased against white men 35. Conflict of interest may exist when financial companies have investments in- suppliers and customers contributes 36. Whistle blowers are not saints and sometime have their own- agenda 37. 2 types of sexual harassment- hostile and quid pro 38.

Who determines what is sexual harassment is reasonable- reasonable person 39.

Companies have what kind of obligation free from sexual harassment- moral obligation 40. As we look to the future generations-social and environmental policies, should think of future generation 41 . Business considers the environment- a free good 42. An assessment of cost and benefits inevitable involves – value Judgments 43. The profit motive must be checked by if society is to benefit. (468) 44.

competition A basic tenant of capitalism requires property- private ownership (169) 45.

Concepts f the invisible hand means-society will benefit everybody by doing Basic premise of Adam Smith (171)-exchange of favors/benefits 47. Critics of capitalism rest on a flawed view of human beings because-we are all material consumers 48. Karl Marx believed (178)- employment alienation of all workers 49. Focus on short term performance (183)- is dubious? encourage a high pressure environment 50. Example of common defensive capitalism (170)-reflects people moral rights to property, that the capitalist system is simply outcome is always right Look up at invisible hand