Everyday High School

High School.

It really isn’t what people or the movies say it is. In the movies, they show it as if it’s a bad place, like how in almost all the high school movies, they have a loner, prep, popular, lame, jock, or emo person. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but I think that they should show how high school really is. To me, high school is a very active place. People are always on the move and over half of them are rude.

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Most of the people look at you as if you have some kind of problem if they see you walking down the hall, but I think that the biggest thing about high school is that most people aren’t who they claim to be. It’s like they want to fit in as much as possible because they’re afraid that if they don’t then people will just think of them as lame. Now the question is…

what’s wrong with that?