Exam Phobia

People say that during exams, anything except studies becomes infinitely interesting, and oh, how I agree! I experienced it recently, the distraction in my case being philosophical (yes, you read that right!) thoughts. I am a commerce student, and we were giving our first terminal exams.

After having written a particularly bad Economics exam, I returned home with tear-streaked cheeks and hurried to open my Accounts book, for the next exam. I skimmed through various chapters within an hour and, with ledgers and cash ratios and shares doing a crazy dance in my head, slammed the book shut, deciding that life was very unfair. I came to this decision after pondering on the subject for a good long while. ‘Why do we have to learn so many things?’ I thought. ‘Why is t that someone who wants to become an economist has to learn about ledgers and trial balances, and that someone who wants to become a CA has to study about management, marketing and business environment?’ ‘Why are we not given more particular education, centred only around the career path we choose? Why must we toil over Economics, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies and Maths all at once?’ And, I concluded that the answer to all these questions was: “Because life’s unfair like that.” After having decided that I sat, smiling, thinking about the great intelligent philosophical discovery I’d just made.

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