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Physical Education is a great way for kids to break away from the stress of everyday school and have fun! But some kids greatly despise going to P.E because they feel embarrassed from their lack of athletic ability and/or coordination. Many kids throughout America would be extremely ecstatic if Physical Education was banished from all schools but others kids would be greatly disappointed because they love being athletically challenged. In my opinion Physical Education should be required for all students of all ages from kindergarten to high school.

I believe this because P.E can improve kids health, can show kids new and exciting activities, and can be a healthy way to release a child’s energy. P.E can improve any child’s health and physical ability. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education suggests that kids should have at least an hour of Physical Education each day.

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With P.E class kids can get that physical activity and they can feel healthy and strong. Many kids when they get home they go straight to their computer or T.V and stare at the screen all day, until they go to bed. If gym class is required students will have no choice but to exercise and burn off calories.

Also, if gym class is required, since most kids will not exercise when they get home, gym class can keep them healthy and lower their risk for obesity, heart disease, and other diseases caused by lack of exercise. Also, physical education can be a great way for kids to release ther energy. Many kids get bored sitting through boring classes and their energy bulids up throughout the day. Gym is a great way to release their enegy in a healthy way through exercise. Studies show that kids who release their energy through sports and physical activity get in less and fewer fights with other children.

In addition, the energy that they burn off in gym class prevents behavior problems in the classroom and at home which can create a safe environment in the school system. In addition, gym class can show kids new and exciting activities. Many kids don’t exercise because they do not know games that they can play or they do not have athletic ability. Gym can show kids little activities that do not require much athletic ability but can improve their health and increase their endurance and other very important things. If a child doesn’t know how to exercise, how will they be able to exercise? Thus, gym class should be required for all students of all ages because it can improve kids’ health, can show kids new and exciting activities, and can be a healthy way to release a child’s energy. Life would be a much healthier place if gym class was required.