Your Friends Are Your Whole World to You

Your friends are probably your whole world to you.

They are your everything. And once you lose them you realize how much of a mistake you have made. I had a really good friend once. But there is no way we could ever be friends because of what I said to her. She is very close to her mom, very close. She shares everything with her mom.

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Maybe a little too much. And it bothered me. Her mom is just a little crazy too though. And her mom always has to make big fights with other parents for such little things. Well my friend was starting to become like her mom in little ways, and it was somewhat annoying. I started ignoring all her good traits and just focusing on the bad.

And I’m known for speaking my mind. So finally I just started this big argument with her. WE haven’t talked for 3 years.I regret saying all those things to her. I said some mean things. I even tried to patch things up.

I told her I was sorry. But she hates me. I’ve heard her say it to her “other” friends. I really wish we could be friends but she and her mother just wouldn’t let it happen. So now all I’m left with is regret. You should never let that happen to you.

Even if you are really mad at her or him for something. Don’t make it so you aren’t friends with them. I could have been a lot more subtle about how I told her but I wasn’t I could have saved our relationship. So you should always be careful in a fight because you don’t want to lose them forever.