Fun or Fright

A would have been 2016 graduate of now called West Catholic Preparatory High School, was expelled for making a columbine reference while rapping during his free period. Being known for his generosity,humanity, intelligence,and sportsmanship; his peers did not think of it as a threat but just as having fun and showing off his “bars”. everyone who knew him states that he was always a good kid, who loved sports, however the state that his leg was in during majority of the school year and still going to practices showed his true perseverance in sports.

When his teacher heard this she not only wrote him up for both a suspension and a detention, she told the Dean and principal which they had automatically expelled him and later called the police. After the school body heard this, including myself, from a word a mouth, students almost immediately felt the same pain his family did. Students including myself started writing on themselves (mainly me) and tapping paper on themselves stating “BRING _____ BACK!!!”, “FREE _____ BRING HIM BACK!!!” with his jersey number 48. On May 16, 2014, the Dean had said if the students continued to basically protest against then we would suffer serious consequences. I can’t believe that parts of my freedom of speech is being taken away. When one of my fellow classmates had said “freedom of speech, bring ___ back.

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” He had been kicked out of our 3rd and 8th period. I don’t know but what do you think?