Garnier Case Study

Garnier Case Study:

Garnier is a famous French brand which produces cosmetics and sells in all over the world. The company was established in 1904 and in the mid-1970-ies was purchased by L’Oreal. L’Oreal is the greatest producer of cosmetics in the world and it has conquered the whole market and absorbed numerous brands like, Garnier, Giorgio Armani Parfums and Cosmetics, Vichy, Maybelline New York, etc.

So, Garnier is one of the L’Oreal’s brands and focuses on the production of hair and skin care products. The brand is famous for its shampoos Garnier Fructis which suit for the different types of hair and skin. Garnier is sold all over the world and is supposed to be quite a successful and profitable brand. In fact, there are many critics against the methods of production of the Garnier’s cosmetics. For example, the greens and other activists who protect nature accuse Garnier and L’Oreal in severe testing of cosmetics on animals.Garnier claims that since the 1980-ies the brand has been working out the technologies which enable reduce the necessity of animal testing, but the real picture of the activity of the company is different, because testing on animals continues.

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The company is famous for the introduction of the biodegradable products which reduce the negative impact of Garnier on the environment and the quantity of wastes in the form of the empty containers of cosmetics and shampoos. Like any other brand related with cosmetics Garnier has its positive and negative sides, its supporters and opponents.Garnier is one of the successful brands of L’Oreal and it is interesting to learn about the company more and discover the secrets of its success. If one wants to investigate a case on Garnier, he will need to devote much time to collect enough reliable facts and evidence required for the analysis. A good case study on Garnier is expected to describe the activity of the company, explain its popularity and focus on the case which has occurred with it.

The student should dwell on the cause and effect of the problem relying on the trustworthy evidence from the reliable sources. One is supposed to analyze the case well and suggest the best ways out of the problem demonstrating knowledge and professional skills.The best way to organize a good case study is to join the Internet and find a free Garnier Fructis case study example written by an expert. It is wise to pay attention to the way of writing and the manner of data presentation in a free Garnier India case study sample, because due to such kind of help students learn to make the right structure and format the paper correctly and increase their chances to prepare a good paper themselves.