Georgievelina Inc

This paper introduces Georgievelina Inc, a new to the market company that is bound to cause a storm in Italy’s cultural tourism industry. First and foremost, it will discuss the current cultural tourism climate in Italy.

Then it will be used as a springboard to launching the company discussing its services, marketing and business strategies that the company will apply, the potential threats to its activities as well as its strengths.

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Executive Summary

The first section defines what cultural tourism is in the first place. This is because there are varying definitions of this type of tourism. However, there were selected two of the most recognizable ones which were combined to give it the best possible definition. Thereafter, the paper will analyze the Italian cultural tourism situation over the years and predict what the future should be like. Later, it will introduce the new company and the service it will offer.

The paper will outline its goal, the situation it may face, the potential SWOT, the customers, the market and the marketing strategy that it will utilize to make sure that it is popular among the tourists. Finally, the paper will be concluded with a list of the works that were used.

Individual Strategic Marketing Analysis and Plan


The most ideal definition of cultural tourism is yet to be agreed upon. There are some institutions that define cultural tourism as the movement of people to new cultural attractions (usually not their places of residence) for the purposes of gathering not only new information but also new experiences so that they satisfy their cultural appetite. Some people still define cultural tourism as the movement of people to particular cultural attractions (heritage sites, arts, drama and cultural manifestations) that are located outside their usual residential place (Richards 1996 p.

158). This paper recognizes these two definitions.

An Overview of Italy’s Cultural Tourism Scenario

The cultural heritage of Italy still remains one of the oldest yet the most important aspect of tourism in the country. So, it is important that Fanelli referred to it as the ‘Italian General Motors’ (1993). It is believed that almost half of the entire world’s cultural as well as historical heritage is based in Italy.

Italy is one of the richest countries when it comes to cultural heritage. The country has experienced many ancient civilizations in its history, especially the Greek and Phoenician trade. Almost 10% of the Italian municipalities host an array of cultural and historical products. The country also has more than 1600 cultural structures. All these cultural attractions make Italy irresistible for cultural tourists (Richards 1996 p.

161).With the advance of information and communication technology, alongside globalization, Italy has seen its tourist numbers continue to grow. The historical structures, artistic products, and museums have been well maintained to their originality. Although the country has been going through financial turmoil, cultural tourism has not been adversely affected. The tourists are still flocking to the country (Olson 2010). This is why it is seen as a great opportunity to launch the company.

In the next section, there will be discussed some of the business strategies that the company will utilize for the success of this noble idea. The Kerin’s and Peterson’s book ‘Strategic Marketing Problems (Cases and Comments) is used as a guide in this analysis.

Company Description

The company will be called Georgievelina Inc. It will have its headquarters in Rome, Italy’s capital. This paper acknowledges that since cultural tourism has been part ad parcel of Italy for almost its entire history, there are many tourist guide companies, hotels, translators, and shops.

This simply means that starting a company offering these services will face a very stiff competition since many of these companies are already well established and have thus a large loyal clientele. It may require large resources and a lot of time for the company to stand on its feet. However, on close observation, it was realized that most of the tourists take photographs by themselves. Since most of them are not professionally trained photographers, the pictures may not be up to the required standard. Additionally, taking the photos by themselves takes their time that would otherwise be used on the experience itself.

Finally, a tourist who is all by himself will not be in a position to take good photographs. With all these factors in mind, starting a company that will offer professional photographing services is a good business idea. With this service, the tourists will not be worried about their experiences and memories afterwards as they will let the professionals do the shooting. The company will ensure that the tourists do not worry about the taking of photographs; they will just enjoy their stay, as they let the trained professionals do it for them.


The main aim of Georgievelina Inc is to be the best professional photographing company for tourists in Italy.

Situation Analysis

This analysis will look at the company and its activities, collaborators, customers, competitors, and the context (climate).

As previously mentioned, this is a new to the market compan, offering a unique service to the cultural tourists. Our main objective is to give the tourists a very unique experience by providing professional photographing. The company will require that tourists reach out for our services and then set the price for the service. Each tourist or group will be given their own photographer. The company’s culture will be that of excellence, honesty, and satisfactory work done.

The company would collaborate with the already established tour companies, hotels, shops, and promotional national and local institutions. For instance, it will print brochures outlining its services that will be given to tourists at these companies. That is, when a tourist seeks the services of a tour company, hotel or shop, he/she will be provided with a brochure outlining Georgievelina Inc’s services. Additionally, the company will intend to compel the tourism institutions in Italy to print out its services in the national publications.The company is mainly geared towards cultural tourists. These are the main target.

Rome is chosen as the headquarters simply because it is at the heart of Italy and is very historical. The number of potential customers found in Rome is large. With time, the company will expand its services to other regions.The main competition is the tourists themselves. This is because almost all of them possess their own cameras and will be reluctant to seek Georgievelina Inc’s services. As a result, we will bank on the promise of professionalism and excellence to attract them.

As it has been mentioned, cultural tourism is almost recession proof. Although Italy has been going through financial turmoil, this has not greatly affected the sector. Additionally, Italy’s economic situation is under control. This simply means that in the long term the prospects for profitable business are good.

SWOT Analysis

The company draws its strength from the fact that it is unique to the market. Tourists have for a long time been taking pictures of themselves.

However, the company wants them both to have pictures that are professionally done and provide the best memories and to concentrrate on enjoying their experience without any worry of memories, as an able person is there to ensure that their best memories are reflected in a clear, professional photo.Georgievelina Inc’s weakness has to be the fact that it is a new company. Over the years, the tourists have used other ways to make sure that they have pictures of themselves. However, the company’s opportunity is that probably most of them are dissatisfied with the photos since they were not professionally done. We may use our professionalism as a good bait. The main threat to our company is the economic climate in Europe and beyond.

If there are financial hardships, people will limit their travels for adventure. Those who are travelling may feel inclined to control their experiences. As a result, they may use their own cameras.

Customer Analysis and Market-Target Segmentation

Cultural tourists are people who love adventure as they want to experience something new. Additionally, most tourists have a high level of education. This simply means that the company has to align its services with these two facts in mind.

The fact that the tourists are learned simply means that they cannot be misled. Therefore, we have to be very honest with them. Most of them probably have background information of the historical artifact or place they are visiting. If the company is to get more clients, it’s integrity cannot be called into question.The main targets will be tourists coming into Rome.

This is because it is Italy’s capital and thus there is the busiest tourist traffic. Additionally, it’s very popular as it is home to the Catholic Church. It is also very cosmopolitan. All these factors make it an attractive place for the company. It is therefore possible to find a large market in Rome.

However, the company will expand its services to other regions in due course.

Marketing Program

Georgievelina Inc will apply an integrated marketing strategy. This will include advertising, personal selling, sales promotions as well as public relations. As already mentioned, the company will print brochures that will be given to tourist at hotels, tour companies, and shops. Additionally, these brochures will be availed to all visitors at the airport.

The company will also use the power of the internet, especially the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These advertisements are bound to reach many people because of the popularity of these sites.As for the direct selling, there will be staff employed at the airports that will be in contact with visitors. In these one-on-one conversations, the potential tourist will be shown samples of Georgievelina Inc’s works and convinced why it is worthwhile if they sought its services.

Sales promotion will be conducted in the early few months. The company will reduce the charges by 50% for the first three months. The company will also be involved with public relations activities. It is very crucial that the historical places are well conserved. Therefore, the company will offer cleaning one structure every week for free. In addition, the company intends to apply corporate social responsibility in some parts of Rome.

However, this will be after some time. Some members of staff of the company have been visiting homes for the elderly to give them company. All these marketing strategies are aimed at ensuring that the company is recognized all over the world.


Armed with the tools necessary for business success, Georgievelina Inc will achieve positive results. This should be sustained as long as Italy still remains the richest country in the world in terms of cultural tourism. As history has shown, this dominance is bound to continue.

Therefore, Georgievelina Inc has to take a share of this cake.