Happiness Helps Education

Have you ever felt stress? Depression? Or had suicidal thoughts? In the university of Yale,students had to lose some of their free time and happiness to gain some admission to the school.

Having them lost their happiness students are acquiring terrible life habits that have led to weak mental health and terrible grades (Proulx).First time hearing about stress, overworking, not getting enough sleep. I didn’t think it would affect your school life or your mental health harshly, but having a sister who is right now a sophomore in highschool really changed my mind. Seeing her working really hard and still not getting the grade she wanted is really hard to watch and she usually sleeps at 12:00 pm as a result of being stressed out. After watching her, I knew that school had to teach about happiness and not being stressed, and not only teach students how to pass exams, a student from the university of Yale said.

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“In reality, a lot of us are anxious, stressed, unhappy, and numb” (Proulx). Ever Since Yale opened the class ‘Happiness’, it has become one of the most popular classes in the university. 300 students signed up when the class was first announced. In three days after the class was announced more students joined because they were struggling to keep good grades due to stress and lack of focus. After 3 more days it is estimated that about 1200 students who were once undergraduates, were enrolled (Proulx). Schools should start teaching students how to be happy because if one school doesn’t then who will? Two, if children doesn’t learn in school and stay in good mental health, students might get depression and start harming themselves or do drugs which is terrible for young students to do.

It is really important to teach students how to be happy so when they grow up their mental health would be strong and not get overwhelmed by stress. Building up students character could affect their mental health in the future. Richard Layard, the director of the centre for economic performance at the London school of Economics, argues that the real purpose of school is to develop successful and happy people and they should focus more on building the students character rather than just teaching them how to past exams. Schools in London such as ‘King Solomon Academy’ are focusing more in building up the students character rather than making them learn for quizzes and exams “Everyone on the team must be on the same page with the same standards for pupil behaviour..

.”I’m sorry” when a teacher reprimands them”. (Anthony). Schools around the world, no matter where, no matter how, no matter what grade that the students are in, should start teaching students how to be happy and focus more on building up the students character, student’s will lead a happy life in the future if they learn how to have a strong, and healthy mental game if they start learning from a young age.