Heading Back

I guess it is that time. Every year I dread the return of the school year because of the work load but, there are also aspects that I enjoy about returning to school. It’s one of those things you need to embrace to actually enjoy.

I know one of my friends that hates going to school but never embraces the environment of it. School will forever be awful if you don’t try and make the most out of it. You seriously think school will be fun when you’re just sitting there and hoping something exciting will happen? I mean, sometimes that will work but it will probably only happen once or twice a year. Go to sporting events! Football and Soccer games are what I look forward to the most at the beginning of the school year. Even if you don’t like sports go and make new friends. I know i’m sounding like your mother right now but I’ll tell you something, she’s probably right.

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If you’re like me and dread going back to school, try to make the most out of it. You’ll quickly learn that it makes school much more tolerable.