Heading to the War

My dream is to go to the army because I’ve wanted to be in the military ever since I saw the greatness in the united states army on Youtube on a young lady and I hoped to one day be a part of it , I want to be the first one of the family and I picture it in my head fighting for my country. I would always dream about me being a young lady accomplishing it, fighting for america and making america a better save place going to different country around the world to fight and being on war with other army womens and mens.

I desire to become a soldier. I feel I can serve my country, the army life is so full of adventure, discipline, toughness and risk. A young lady with her army uniform with stars and medals fascinates me. All these things attract me.To make my dreams come reality is to work my ass off to accomplish it to go school everyday get help from my family ask for advice from people who has been in the army and listen to their experiences in the army.

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Ima have to go to a boot camp it takes time, training to get fit, education ,lots of work,braveness and to be in good health and be a strong women to be able to enter the army and meeting a recruiter. I love helping people, encourage positivity,, encourage team building and interactions . These qualities I see beneficial and required be a soldier . Another step I will need is to be deeply serious about the biggest decision Ima take in lifeto become a strong independent lady. Being a soldier gives you the opportunity to complete the mission and make a difference in the world, and makes you a brave lady in war posing as men so they could fight.It takes every small achievement to grow to be one big success.

Army is a career unlike any other, their are many opportunities as an officer in the army to advance, further education and grow as a person, ” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”-Colin Powell